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Standing in Line

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

From the moment of conception, we are part of an imaginary line- waiting on our turn. Our turn to be born, walk, talk, go to school, have our first crush, get married, have children, and so much more. Each of us will take our turn with all of life’s milestones. Life takes us on a journey. We walk, talk, go to school, have our first crush, some get married and have children, while others travel different paths. Then all too soon, we find ourselves looking back at all we have done, wondering where did the time go? Our past years out number our future years. Our children are grown and in some cases our grandchildren are grown. We find that we no longer have “those” responsibilities. We find ourselves wondering what to do now. Here we are standing in that imaginary line again. We can sleep in, eat what we want, travel, fish, take a nap, make new friends. We’ve moved up in line and it’s our turn to make plans for retirement.

That’s where we come in. Westminster Village is an affordable independent retirement community with maintenance, lawn care and 24/7 security. We have an on-site library, craft hut, wood shop, pool and community center. With a full calendar of events to pick from (aerobics, bingo, parties, trips, to name a few) you get to choose how involved or uninvolved you want to be. Most importantly, Westminster Village is a community of friends.

“It’s your turn”. Come enjoy those golden years we’ve heard so much about with us.

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