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There's no place like home.

My life’s mantra has always been “there’s no place like home”. I love my home. I love to be home. In the classic movie “The Wizard of Oz” all Dorothy wanted was to go home. The tin man wanted a heart, “home is where the heart is”. The lion desired courage, it takes courage to live your life with no regrets. It takes courage to plop down somewhere not knowing if it is truly the place for you. The scarecrow wanted a brain. His brain would allow him to make the right decision on where he should spend the rest of his life.

In the beginning they had one thing in common, the wish to have something they didn’t already have. But as time continued, they realized that although they came from very different walks of life and had different wishes and dreams, they became the very best of friends. Their single wishes became so much more. They became supportive of each other. They cared for each other.

Westminster Village residents have come from a plethora of backgrounds that by some chance has led them to cross paths in our Westminster Village community. Just like the scarecrow, lion, tin man and Dorothy, our residents become supportive of each other and care for each other.

When you tap your ruby red slippers what do you wish for? When you follow your imaginary yellow brick road where does it lead you?

Our wish is that it leads you to Westminster Village where you will find friends that help give you the courage to live your heart’s desire.

Would you like to make Westminster Village your home? After all “there’s no place like home”.

Below are pictures from Westminster Village's version of the Wizard of Oz themed Amazing Race, senior addition.

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Sara Robertson
Sara Robertson
May 30, 2023

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