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The Senior Lifestyle

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Seniors experience the full range of physical, mental and emotional challenges facing aging citizens everywhere. Westminster Village strives to keep residents engaged by offering a large

variety of activities. Social interaction gives a sense of belonging and helps seniors stay connected to the world around them, reducing stress levels, preventing depression and other health issues.

Staying socially active ensures that senior adults have a stable support system. Involvement in activities and games not only provides entertainment and quality companionship, it also helps prolong seniors’ sharpness of mind and quality of life. This conclusion comes from studies that found that seniors who engage in mentally demanding leisure activities lowered their risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia. When seniors stay socially active, their brain is constantly engaged, leading to the maintenance of a sharper mind and reducing the potential for faltering cognitive function. Staying socially active is perhaps just as important as staying physically active in order for seniors to enjoy good health.

As we age, our lifestyles and priorities change, and aging well is at the top of our minds. According to a study published

in the Journal of Aging Studies, study

participants, aged 60 to 93 identified six features of successful aging, one of which is interactions with others. It is important to consider seemingly insignificant activities that can benefit seniors' health. Participating and enjoying activities can have a positive impact on health by keeping the mind and body busy.

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